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Simple . . . value beyond cost. WABG-TV impacts what matters most, your bottom line. If you consider the one factor that matters most to your advertising dollars, it has to be Return on Investment. Advertising with WABG-TV is a guaranteed return on your initial investment.

The success of WABG-TV is fully based on the quality and focus of its programming. ABC affiliate programming and quality syndicated programming like Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil combined with an award winning newscast are the keys to WABG-TVís continued success in the market place. WABG-TV offers its sponsors a variety of options and attractive price points. Whether your sponsorship involves the entire programming list or an individual show, WABG-TV builds value upon value. WABG-TV boasts a vast distribution area that reaches 36 counties in 3 states and ensures the success of your advertising efforts. WABG-TVís cable coverage alone reaches over 95,000 cable subscribers who comprise a very diverse audience - male, female, black, white, young and old. We maintain the attention of our viewers by broadcasting programs that appeal to everyone. With over four decades of serving the residents of the Mississippi Delta, WABG-TV remains the number one choice for television entertainment. Our many viewers translate into potential clients.



_ Establish a clear edge over the competition

_ Enhance marketing campaigns and strategies

_ Boost sales and increase your current market share

_ Publicize promotions and new product offerings

_ Deliver your message far beyond the reach of your staff

_ Build brand identity and preference among the target audience



WABG-TV has a complete in-house creative production team equipped to handle any project.

For details, please call 662.332.0949.




Sarah Zepponi
Sales Manager
662-332-0949 ext 21
Roderick Brown
Sales Executive
662-332-0949 ext 25
Larry Burchfield
Sales Executive
662-332-0949 ext 15
Ryan Evans
Sales Executive
Johnny Ross
Sales Executive
662-332-0949 ext 20
Kim Taylor
Sales Executive
662-332-0949 ext 14

Traffic Tapes for Broadcast:


WABG TV - Traffic Department

849 Washington Avenue

Greenville, MS 38701


Preferred Format: DVC Pro

Acceptable Format: Mini DV, and DVD*


*$25 Conversion Charge

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